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About us

Location: Finland
Founding Year: 2019   |   Relevant Transport Sectors: Road Transport

CONTAI - Ground for the diverse Last Mile as a vital part of the Physical Internet. Our Value Propositions are AnyCargo AnyVehicle AnySpace AnyMile AnyOperator, even Autonomously joining resources and parties through The Least Common Denominator. CONTAI was awarded by ALICE in IPIC-2021..

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CONTAI - Ground for the Last Mile

Imagine a circular and sustainable urban logistics ecosystem, where logistics needs in your city are bound together by a simple, yet elegant platform, like the USB interface. CONTAI has not only imagined this but built such a universal urban logistics interface where everything fits together.

Best Practices

Road Transport

Other Modality


CONTAI real life implementations demonstrated the high capabilities of the solution, ability to consolidate, load, transport and unload diverse cargo at any ground level bay by any vehicle, even autonomously and realized the solution according to the principle of 'The Least Common Denominator'.


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