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NOTE: This best practice was sourced by the ENTRANCE consortium from publicly-available information.

Snel Logistics Solutions is a transport and logistics company with main activities in Belgium and the Netherlands with a keen spirit for innovation. Subsequently they are early adopters of BEV and FCEV. Some of its main intiatives toward reducing CO2 emissions in road transport include:

  • Tyres with low rolling resistance: equipping all trucks with the best tyres for their intended use, limiting fuel usage and consequently also reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Automated schedules: using high-performance scheduling software to reduce the number of empty runs to a minimum.
  • Driving style assistant: an automated module that allows for monitoring drivers down to the smallest details, enabling the drivers to not only increase safety levels but also to encourage adapting their driving style with an eye to the lowest possible fuel usage.
  • Speed limitation devices: the speed of trucks is limited to 85 km/h, which results in 3% fuel savings per year.
  • LNG: Snel recently bought several brand-new Iveco Stralis Hi-Road trucks that run on LNG, an alternative fuel that releases hardly any soot particles. Moreover, these silent trucks guarantee a smooth drive.
  • LHVs: 'longer heavier vehicles' – or simply put, super-long trucks. Snel has been using them for years as a solution for drastically reducing the number of trucks on the road.
  • Relighting: all Snel warehouses are equipped with energy-saving lighting.


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